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                                Chubb DATA CABINET -  MICRO 50

  ► The Micro 50 is a UL Listed data Cabinet capable of surving a severe fire for 1 hour.

  ► Designed for against a severe fire, sudden exposure to high heat and impact from a fall in
       compliance to UL 72 Class 125.

  ► As a very secure storage facility against fire for data or media storage products such as
       floppy diskettes, CD's, back-up cartridges, microfiche and etc.
  ► Has been designed to limit internal temperature to no more than 52C with a humility not
       exceeding 80% after 1 hour exposure to a severe fire.
  ► Safe and Fire Resistant Cabinet are ineffective for protecting media storage because the
       internal temperature will more than 52C after exposure to a severe fire.
  ► Secured using a double bit slam-action keylock. Keys are not required to lock the cabinet
       after operation.
  ► The cabinet comes equipped with a single pull-out tray for convenient storage of most
       types of computer media. Additional available as optional accessories.
  ► A maximum of 4 trays may be fifted within the Micro 50.
  ► Large capacity at 60 Litres. Suitable for use in Office, Hospitals, Oil Platforms or any
       other areas requiring safe storage of data against fire.
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